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G.W. Spies - Ch. 1-3

Quiz by Eric Gerber

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  • Q1
    Washington was upset about Hale's death because
    he was mad at Hale for being caught.
    he personally felt responsible for it.
    no one else would want to be a spy.
    it showed that his army was weak.
  • Q2
    Which individual was woken in the middle of the night to help British soldiers?
    George Washington
    Nathan Hale
    William Howard Jr.
    William Martin
  • Q3
    Which group of people supported the British?
  • Q4
    Why was NYC important to the British?
    They would be able to establish a more reliable trade route with Spain.
    They could collect more taxes from Americans.
    They could increase their manufacturing output.
    They could split the colonies in half.
  • Q5
    George Washington was prepared to use spies during the Revolutionary War because
    his father trained him as a spy during his childhood.
    he served as a spy during the French and Indian War.
    he knew nothing bad would ever happen to his spies.
    he had studied the use of spies in college.
  • Q6
    Which of the following individuals helped obtain France as an ally during the Revolutionary War?
    Benjamin Franklin
    George Washington
    Zachariah Martin
    John Hancock
  • Q7
    Which of the following is not a theory of how Nathan Hale was caught?
    His mother turned him in because she was upset that he wasn't a loyalist.
    His loyalist cousins turned him in.
    He mistook a British ship for a ferry.
    He spoke too openly about his job as a spy at a local tavern.
  • Q8
    The King of England didn't attack the colonists before the Declaration of Independence because
    they all remained loyal to the crown.
    they had been following his orders before it was issued.
    dead subjects couldn't pay taxes.
    his mother would have yelled at him.
  • Q9
    George Washington proved his courage by
    selecting Nathan Hale as a spy.
    not protecting the Jamaica Pass.
    being the last man to leave Brooklyn Heights.
    standing up against the French.
  • Q10
    A mercenary is
    loyal to England.
    a paid soldier.
    someone who cooked for the troops.
    a servant for George Washington.
  • Q11
    Who was killed for being a spy?
    Nathan Hale
    George Washington
    King George
    William Howard
  • Q12
    Washington need a spymaster who
    had previously been a British major.
    had served with him during the French & Indian War.
    knew the lay of the land on Long Island and the people who lived there.
    had knowledge of the British plan of attack.
  • Q13
    Who becomes George Washington's spymaster?
    John Hancock
    Benjamin Franklin
    Nathan Hale
    Benjamin Tallmadge
  • Q14
    Nathan Hale was a good choice for a spy because he had extensive military experience.
  • Q15
    Which of the following events did not help Washington capture Trenton?
    Washington attacks the day before Thanksgiving, knowing they British soldiers will be working to prepare the turkey.
    Washington attacks the day after Christmas.
    The British celebrate the Christmas holiday.
    John Honeyman provides false information to the British.

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