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  • Q1
    What does DeFi stand for?
    Digital Finance
    Decentralized Finance
    Decentralized Future
    Dynamic Financial
  • Q2
    What are smart contracts in DeFi?
    Physical contracts
    Bank loans
    Online transactions
    Digital agreements that execute automatically
  • Q3
    What is HaloFi Save?
    Question Image
    An online marketplace
    A digital savings app
    A social media platform
    A gaming platform
  • Q4
    Why choose HaloFi Save over other savings options?
    Constant currency fluctuations
    Savings can grow faster in digital US dollars, less affected by currency changes
    Higher fees and slower growth
    Limited access to funds
  • Q5
    Why are people attracted to DeFi?
    Lower income potential
    Slow transactions and high fees
    Transactions are faster, cheaper, and offer higher ability to generate income
    Limited accessibility
  • Q6
    What do lending and borrowing platforms in DeFi enable users to do?
    Buy and sell real estate
    Trade stocks and bonds
    Exchange fiat currencies
    Lend out cryptocurrencies and earn interest, or borrow assets by collateralizing holdings
  • Q7
    How often do savings increase on HaloFi Save?
    Continuously, every minute
  • Q8
    What do DeFi platforms like HaloFi aim to provide users with?
    Complex and confusing processes
    High fees and hidden charges
    Transparent and efficient borrowing markets
    Limited access to financial services
  • Q9
    What technology is commonly used in DeFi for automation?
    Human intermediaries
    Email correspondence
    Smart contracts
    Physical paperwork
  • Q10
    What type of consensus does Celo use?
    Delegated proof-of-stake
  • Q11
    What can mobile participants earn rewards for in the Celo ecosystem?
    using the platform
    making transactions
    securing and maintaining the system
    inviting new users
  • Q12
    What can CELO holders do within the Celo ecosystem?
    earn rewards, stake with validators, and vote on proposals
    only vote on proposals
    only stake with validators
    only earn rewards
  • Q13
    What is the main mission of Celo?
    to support only large financial institutions
    to create a gaming platform
    to dominate the cryptocurrency market
    to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity
  • Q14
    What is CELO?
    a new cryptocurrency
    a mobile app
    a decentralized exchange
    the platform-native asset that supports the growth and development of the Celo blockchain and ecosystem
  • Q15
    What does CELO represent in the Celo ecosystem?
    a mobile app
    platform-native asset
    a gaming console
    a social media platform

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