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Hamilton: 1-3

Quiz by Eric Gerber

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is not a reason Hamilton was considered an outsider?
    West Indian background
    didn't feel like he belonged
    parents weren't married
    spoke a different language
  • Q2
    What happened to Hamilton's father?
    was killed in battle
    died of disease
    was throw in jail for being in debt
    deserted his family
  • Q3
    Why did Hamilton wish for war?
    he could distinguish himself
    it would get him out the West Indies
    he could gain an important job
    he could earn money since he was poor
  • Q4
    What college did Hamilton attend?
    St. Croix
    King's College
    College of New Jersey
  • Q5
    Why was Aaron Burr permitted to take college courses at his own pace?
    he was seen as a valuable resource to the Founding Fathers
    he was extremely intelligent
    his father had donated a large sum of money to the college
    his father was a former president of the college
  • Q6
    What event took place right after Hamilton enrolled in college?
    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Quartering Act
    Boston Massacre
    Boston Tea Party
  • Q7
    A tory is the same things as a ....
  • Q8
    What did Alexander do when the alarm rang out that the Asia had sailed into New York harbor?
    prevented protest from happening
    grabbed his musket
    fled back to the West Indies
    saved his college president
  • Q9
    What phrase did Hercules notice was on Hamilton's hat?
    No taxation without representation
    Liberty or Death
    United we stand, divided we fall
    Life, Liberty, and Happiness
  • Q10
    What was Hamilton's first job in the military?
    recruiting men and supplying uniforms
    recruiting men
    supplying uniforms
    training soliders
  • Q11
    Where did Washington first learn about Hamilton?
    Kips Bay
    Harlem Heights
    White Plains
    White Hills

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