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Hamlet, Act 5

Quiz by Don Leibold

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  • Q1
    5.1 Why are the gravediggers arguing about Ophelia?
    Because they feel pity for Laertes
    Because they do not believe that Ophelia has died
    Because they remember her being beautiful
    Because they hear that she has killed herself
  • Q2
    5.1 What does the gravedigger say to Hamlet when he asks whose grave he is digging?
    He says that it’s his own grave.
    He says that it’s Polonius’s grave.
    He says that it’s Opheilia’s grave.
    He says that it’s Hamlet’s grave.
  • Q3
    5.1 What does Hamlet notice about the funeral procession?
    That the funeral does not seem particularly sad
    That the procession seems irregular and suggests a suicide
    That those who are mourning seem excessively upset
    That Laertes has returned to take part in the funeral
  • Q4
    5.1 What does Hamlet say to Laertes upon realizing that it is Ophelia’s funeral?
    That Laertes is a terrible brother
    That he vows to take his own life now that Ophelia is dead
    That he feels Ophelia’s death is a punishment for his own bad deeds
    That he loved Ophelia in ways that no one could understand
  • Q5
    5.1 What finally appeases Laertes at Ophelia’s funeral?
    Hamlet expresses his true feelings for Ophelia.
    Hamlet makes a fool of himself.
    Gertrude and Claudius say that Hamlet is insane.
    Claudius reminds Laertes that they have a plan to kill Hamlet.
  • Q6
    5.2 What does Hamlet tell Horatio about death?
    That thinking about it comforts him
    That he fears it
    That it is inevitable
    That it should be fought at all costs
  • Q7
    5.2 How does Gertrude die?
    She kills herself with a sword.
    She accidentally drinks wine that Claudius poisoned.
    Horatio kills her with a fencing foil.
    She accidentally drinks wine that Claudius poisoned.
  • Q8
    5.2 How does Hamlet find out about Claudius’s plan?
    Laertes makes a dying declaration.
    Horatio finds the poison.
    Gertrude tells him what she knows.
    He overhears Claudius discussing it.
  • Q9
    5.2 What does the dying Hamlet tell Horatio to do?
    Become king
    Avenge his death
    Mourn for him
    Live and pass along his story
  • Q10
    5.2 Who rules Denmark at the end of the play?

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