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Hatchet - Chapter 13

Quiz by Kay Vanzant-Bradney

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What animal walks by Brian?
    a wolf
    a skunk
    an elephant
    a porcupine
  • Q2
    What does Brian do as a result of his depression?
    Brian hunts rabbits.
    Brian tries to hike out of the forest.
    Brian tries to kill himself.
    Brian cleans up his shelter.
  • Q3
    As Brian lays, depressed, on the rocks what words enter his head?
    fool bird
    sun over
    cloud down
    night fear
  • Q4
    How long has Brian been lost?
    42 days
    47 days
    16 days
    3 months
  • Q5
    What 2 truths have come into Brian's mind?
    1) He was not the same, 2) He was new
    1) He was lost, 2) He was not the same
    1) He was responsible for keeping the Secret, 2) He was new
    1) He was intelligent, 2) He had to get motivated
  • Q6
    What was the problem with Brian's first bow?
    It splintered and almost blinded him.
    Brian couldn't lift it.
    The string broke.
    It didn't shoot arrows far enough.
  • Q7
    Why wasn't Brian able to shoot the fish?
    Brian is a terrible shot.
    The bow snapped and didn't work.
    He forgot that light refracts and the fish really weren't where he thought they were.
    The string was to long and the arrows wouldn't fly.

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