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HDHS Trilogy B8 Checkpoint quiz: Photosynthesis

Quiz by Alexandra Gill

Combined Science: Trilogy
English National Curriculum

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    What are the products of photosynthesis?
    glucose and carbon dioxide
    glucose and oxygen
    water and carbon dioxide
    water and oxygen
  • Q2
    What are the three main limiting factors of photosynthesis?
    Question Image
    A, C, and E
    A, B, and E
    B, C, and E
    A, C, and D
  • Q3
    To make proteins, plants need to combine glucose with which other substance?
    Carbon dioxide
  • Q4
    What is meant by a hydroponic system?
    Plants grown in water with a perfect balance of nutrients
    Plants grown in air with the perfect balance of nutrients
    Plants grown in a greenhouse
    Plants grown in soil with the perfect balance of nutrients
  • Q5
    Where do plants get the nutrients required to make their cell walls?
    Plants get their nutrients from the Sun.
    Plants absorb the nutrients needed from the soil.
    Plants make their own nutrients from raw materials.
    Plants obtain nutrients by diffusion from the atmosphere.
  • Q6
    Which feature is an adaptation so that the cells inside the leaf get a good supply of carbon dioxide?
    Large air spaces in the leaf
    Broad leaf with a large surface area
    Veins containing xylem
    Lots of chloroplasts in the palisade mesophyll
  • Q7
    The table shows different conditions that a plant was grown in. Which row shows the conditions that would result in the fastest rate of photosynthesis?
    Question Image
  • Q8
    During the day, what would be the correct movement of gases into and out of a leaf?
    Carbon dioxide and oxygen both out of the leaf
    Carbon dioxide into the leaf and oxygen out of the leaf
    Oxygen into the leaf and carbon dioxide out of the leaf
    Carbon dioxide and oxygen both into the leaf
  • Q9
    The graph shows the rate of photosynthesis over time. What is the factor limiting photosynthesis at point X?
    Question Image
    Light intensity
    Concentration of chlorophyll in the leaves
    Carbon dioxide concentration
  • Q10
    What is NOT an advantage of farmers using a greenhouse to grow crops?
    Farmers can grow crops that would not normally grow in that area.
    Farmers can grow crops earlier in the year.
    Farmers can control the conditions inside a greenhouse.
    Farmers can increase the yield without increasing the cost of production.
  • Q11
    The graph shows the rate of photosynthesis and the rate of respiration in a plant as light intensity increases. Which statement is true at point X?
    Question Image
    The rate of photosynthesis is increasing but respiration has stopped.
    The production of carbon dioxide and oxygen will be equal.
    No carbon dioxide is being produced.
    The rate of photosynthesis and the rate of respiration are both increasing.
  • Q12
    A plant is growing in a dense forest early in the morning. What factor or factors would be limiting photosynthesis?
    Light intensity only
    Temperature and light intensity
    Carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity
    Temperature only
  • Q13
    Which statement about processes that occur in plants is false?
    Plants produce both carbon dioxide and oxygen.
    Iodine remains the same colour when exposed to a leaf that has been in the dark for 24 hours.
    Photosynthesis releases energy.
    Not all of the glucose produced in photosynthesis is used in respiration.
  • Q14
    Which is an economic advantage of a hydroponic system?
    Fewer staff are needed.
    Extra electricity is required to maintain light intensity.
    Computer software is required to control the conditions.
    A hydroponic system requires an enclosed area.

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