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Health Inequity in the United States

Quiz by Kathy Gray

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    How does life expectancy in the United States compare to that in other developed countries?
    20th place
    Number 1
    In the top 5
    29th place
  • Q2
    Where did US life expectancy rank 50 years ago?
    In the top 20
    In the top 15
    In the top 5
    In the top 10
  • Q3
    How much does the U.S. spend per person on health care compared to the average of the other industrialized countries?
    twice as much
    Less than half
    Two and a half times as much
    About the same
  • Q4
    On average, which of the following is the best predictor of one’s health?
    How often you exercise
    Whether or not you smoke
    Whether or not you have health insurance
    Whether or not you are wealthy
  • Q5
    During the 20th century, U.S. life expectancy increased 30 years. Which of the following was the most important factor behind the increase?
    Social reforms like wage and labor laws, housing codes, etc. and increased prosperity (i.e. people started having more money)
    New drugs (like penicillin)
    The development of the modern hospital system
    More exercise and less people smoking
  • Q6
    Today, the top 1% of American families owns more wealth than:
    The bottom 75% combined
    The bottom 25% combined
    The bottom 50% combined
    The bottom 90% combined

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