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Health Review

Quiz by Mindy Alvarez

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    To maintain good hygiene, how often should teens change their clothes?
    three times a week
    twice a week
    every other day
  • Q2
    Maintaining good hygiene shows that
    you're following the rules set by your parents
    you're looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend
    you care about yourself
    you stink
  • Q3
    To maintain good dental hygiene, one should
    brush teeth daily
    all of the above
    floss teeth daily
    get regular checks at the dentist
  • Q4
    Choosing healthy foods and exercising regularly benefits which part of your health the most?
    personal health
    mental/emotional health
    social health
    physical health
  • Q5
    Heart disease, obesity, and type II diabetes have been shown to start as early as
  • Q6
    Which lifestyle factors can help a teen avoid disease?
    exercising regularly
    all of the above
    avoiding risky behaviors
    eating a balanced diet
  • Q7
    Life expectancy ______________ when one engages in regular physical activity.
    does not change
  • Q8
    Maria wants to improve his fitness and health, what is a good first step?
    set some personal fitness goals
    browse the internet for latest fitness gear
    eat more food
    watch more TV
  • Q9
    A slow resting heart rate is a sign of
    the need for more exercise
    a strong healthy heart
    the need for healthier food
    a person who is ill
  • Q10
    Which is a sign of dehydration?
    dark yellow urine
    pain in the muscles
    feeling hungry
    feeling hot
  • Q11
    F.I.T.T. stands for what?
    fast, interesting, teamwork, time
    fun, interesting, time, type
    frequency, intensity, teamwork, time
    Frequency, intensity, time, type
  • Q12
    If you participate in an activity such as bicycling, and skateboarding or in-line skating, you should always wear protective equipment. Which of the following is NOT considered protective equipment?
    knee pads
    elbow pads
    head band
  • Q13
    When walking home guidelines that can help you avoid crime or threatening situations include...
    let someone know where you are going and when you should arrive
    stay on streets and sidewalks with good lighting
    always be aware of your surroundings
    All of the above
  • Q14
    If caught outside during a tornado with no access to shelter, a person should
    find an unlocked car and get in
    lay flat on the ground and cover your head
    try to out run the tornado
    lay down under a car
  • Q15
    Cyber bullying is when
    someone pushes another person
    someone uses electronic devices to bully someone
    someone yells at another person
    someone writes graffiti in the bathroom about another person

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