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Health & Safety Easter 2022 - Car edition

Quiz by Liz Lyman

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which item could you use to check the depth of the tread on a tyre is correct?

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    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q2

    How do you check the coolant level in a car engine?

    Question Image

    Wait for a light to come on telling you that your coolant is low.

    Use a stick to measure.

    You will see smoke coming from the coolant tank.

    Open the bonnet and check that the level of the coolant is between the minimum and maximum lines.

  • Q3

    What does this road sign mean?

    Question Image

    Go straight through.

    You have priority.

    On coming traffic has priority.

    2 Way traffic.

  • Q4

    How would you know if your Anti Lock Breaking System is working (ABS) ?

    Pump the brakes.

    You turn the engine on and the ABS light should turn off.

    Pull the handbrake.

    Slam the brakes.

  • Q5

    How would you check that your indicators and lights are working.

    Hope automatic headlights are working and who uses indicators as they drain fuel.

    After a journey and see if the are warm.

    Wait till it is dark and see if you can see.

    You would switch on your hazard lights and you dipped headlights and walk around the vehicle to make sure they are working.

  • Q6

    What crossing is this?

    Question Image

    Cat crossing.

    Puffin crossing.

    Pelican crossing.

    Zebra crossing.

  • Q7

    What road sign is this?

    Question Image

    Maximum speed limit sign.

    Maximum age of driver.

    Advisory speed limit sign.

    Minimum speed limit sign.

  • Q8

    You can park in any car parks for free when displaying a valid disabled badge?

    Question Image
    True or False
  • Q9

    What would you do if you have any rips, tears and damage to the seatbelts?

    Question Image

    Do nothing and let next driver report it.

    Report it on call and not drive the vehicle until they have been replaced or checked.

    Continue driving and get them checked at next service.

    Stop using seatbelt and continue drive vehicle.

  • Q10

    Can you unscramble the letters below to show what document you would complete when you are the first person to drive a No Limits vehicle that week?

    Question Image
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