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Health Services Level 2

Quiz by Lyn Gray

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    When do you review your objectives and have them signed?
    2 weeks after
    at the end of the school year
    on the weekend
    The first day of clinical
  • Q2
    What do you do if the school district closes due to snow?
    Call nurse wilson
    Call site and tell them there is no school so you won't becoming in
    Call nurse gray
  • Q3
    How often do you have to write in your journal?
    Just on friday
    every month
    once a week
  • Q4
    When should your timecard be signed?
    At end of rotation
    Before you leave the site
  • Q5
    What time can you leave your clincal site?
    After you talk to teacher
    When they tell me to leave
    Assigned time
  • Q6
    Where do you go when clincial site is closed?
    To the beach
  • Q7
    When should you give your SUPERVISOR your internship evaluations?
    The last week of clinical
    First day of clinical
    Have your parents fill it out
    Day you come back to class
  • Q8
    What is not acceptable to wear at clincial site?
    All of the above
    Wrinkly scrubs
    Facial piercings/ Artificial nails
    Dirty shoes
  • Q9
    What do you need to have with you at your clincal site?
    All of the above
    Binder w/ timecard, journal, worksheet, and calendar
  • Q10
    Upon returning to class what time is your work all due?
    At the end of class
    An hour into class
    At the beginning of class
    15 minutes into class

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