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5 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the writer's main aim in writing the text?

    to explain how the brain works

    to talk about problems with the brain

    to describe how clever she has become

    to suggest the brain needs attention

  • Q2

    What does the reader learn about the writer from the text?

    she has a computer

    she is learning another language

    she likes shopping

    she enjoys travelling

  • Q3

    What does the writer say about the brain?

    it ages faster than our bodies

    not enough research is being done on it

    it definitely becomes less quick when we are older

    it should be treated in a similar way to our bodies

  • Q4

    What does the writer say about her own memory?

    she often forgets birthdays

    it has gotten worse over the years

    it has been possible to make it better

    she finds objects more difficult to remember than numbers

  • Q5

    What would be another title for the text?

    The amazing power of memory

    How to remember things you thought you'd forgotten

    Easy ways to develop our mind

    The latest research into the brain


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