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Heat Study Guide

Quiz by Haley Ferreira

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    Heat is the flow of ________ from a warm object to a cooler object. 





  • Q2

    Heat energy results from the movement of the tiny particles in _______, __________, and  _________ and can be transferred from one object to another. 

    air, water, and heat 

    insulators, conductors, and heat

    solids, liquids, and gases

  • Q3

    Which of these is NOT a common source of heat energy? 




    burning objects

  • Q4

    You are at your house and you are always cold in your room. Your mom is always hot in her room. What question could you ask to determine how a heat source influences this? 

    Whose room is bigger?

    What is the weather like outside?

    Do you have an air vent in your room? 

  • Q5

    A kid went to a pool party. The friend's mom gave each of them a popsicle to eat by the pool. The popsicles began to melt quickly. What is the best question they can ask to find the source of heat that caused the popsicle to melt? 

    What was the temperature of the popsicles?

    What kind of popsicles were they? 

    What was the temperature outside?

    How big are the popsicles? 


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