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Hey King!

Quiz by Jana Moore

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  • Q1
    What is a Parliament?
    A candy bar
    Members of the British government chosen by the king to support the people
    Followers of the king
    Representatives who make laws and stand up for peoples' rights.
  • Q2
    All of these are reasons why the colonists began to rule themselves EXCEPT...
    The colonists were used to being able to have a say in government
    The early colonists wanted their independence from the king.
    They needed a government to deal with everyday problems
    The king was across the ocean
  • Q3
    The original American colonists belonged to which nationality?
  • Q4
    When the British government needed money, how did they propose to get it?
    From Scotland
    From the American colonies
    From the people of Great Britain
  • Q5
    The Stamp Act of 1765 taxed what?
    Paint, glass, paper, lead, tea
    Timber, cotton, and coffee
    All letters going back to Great Britain
    Legal documents, newspapers, calendars, and almanacs
  • Q6
    This Act stated that the colonies had to depend upon the king, and that all laws the colonies made did not matter.
    Quartering Acts
    Stamp Act
    Townshend Revenue Act
    Declaratory Act
  • Q7
    This Act taxed all things that the colonists could not make for themselves.
    Declaratory Act
    Townshend Revenue Act
    Stamp Act
    Quartering Acts
  • Q8
    The Declaration of Independence did what?
    Made a new agreement between Great Britain
    Stated that the colonists were free from Great Britain.
    Made laws against the colonists for committing rebellious activity.
    Created a series of Acts against the colonists

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