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Hidden Figures

Quiz by Theresa Desmond

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    After dealing with a broken-down car on their way to work, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson get to Langley via ______.
    police escort
    walking bus
  • Q2
    What does Dorothy ask her boss, Mrs. Mitchell, about?
    Dorothy's interest in being promoted to supervisor
    whether more workers can be hired
    a rumor about women being laid off
    Mrs Mitchell's illness and recovery
  • Q3
    Mary lands a permanent assignment in the Mercury 7 group - but she has an issue shortly after arriving. What happens?
    she misses the deadline
    her papers get spread all over
    she insults her new boss
    Her heel gets stuck in the floor grate
  • Q4
    What happens to Katherine immediately after showing up to her temporary position in the Space Task Group?
    a man mistakes her for a custodian
    she is assigned a desk in the hallway
    her boss calls her by the wrong name
    the other woman assumes she is a secretary
  • Q5
    Katherine's coworkers - all of whom are men - have an issue with this.
    the boss is nicer to her
    they do not like having to censor their language
    Part of Katherine's job is to double check their work
    it has been made clear that Katherine is smarter than them
  • Q6
    What does Katherine do that takes up more time in the course of a day than it should?
    visits her friends
    corrects her coworkers mistakes
    runs to the segregated building to use the building
    reminds people she is not the help
  • Q7
    Mary fights with her husband about her desire to:
    have another baby
    be an engineer
    protest segregation at NASA
    find a new job at another company
  • Q8
    Katherine and Jim's first encounter doesn't go well after Jim does this.
    comments on her children
    questions why women are working at NASA
    calls her by the wrong name
    mentions that he doesn't think women should work outside of the home
  • Q9
    Why does Katherine have so much trouble double-checking coworker Paul Stafford's work?
    he is giving it to someone else
    he keeps blacking out pertinent information
    he will not give her every page of his work
    he refuses to let an "inferior" woman check his work
  • Q10
    Why is installation of the new IBM computer delayed?
    nobody is allowed into the room to install it
    it's lost in transit
    it's so big it won't fit through the door
    not enough electricity
  • Q11
    Katherine's boss, Al Harrison, questions whether is she a spy, as her equations include information that was classified. Katherine admits she got the classified information by doing this.
    stealing a confidential folder
    holding the papers up to the light
    listening in on their conversations
    bribing other employees to get the information missing from Paul's papers
  • Q12
    Dorothy has decided to take matters into her own hands. Realizing their days as a "human computer" are nearly over thanks to the IBM, Dorothy does this.
    teaches her staff the computer programming language that the IBM uses
    has her staff picket in front of NASA headquarters
    breaks the IBM so her staff can continue to work in its place
    starts negotiating for jobs elsewhere on the campus
  • Q13
    The day of Mary's court date arrives. How does Mary convince the judge to rule in her favor so she can attend extension classes at the segregated school?
    she has her children show up at the courthouse and been the judge to let their mommy go to school
    she tells him she will put his name into the rocket when it heads off into space
    she convinces him of the importance of being the first to do something
    she threatens to expose his seedy behavior that didn't make it into the local paper

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