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Hidden Figures: Young Readers' Edition

Quiz by Melissa Cody

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Before NACA hired Dorothy Vaughan, she applied for a job as a -----.

    seamstress in a clothing store owned by a black family

    maid at a luxury hotel in Norfolk

    worker in a tobacco pant

    laundry worker at Camp Pickett

  • Q2

    What small act of defiance did Miriam Mann, who worked with Dorothy, commit?

    She organized a boycott of the segregated buses and arranged car pools.

    She stole the "Colored Computers" sign from a table in the cafeteria

    She filled a bottle from a "Whites Only" water fountain in the hall.

    She had a hairstyle that violated the dress code for NACA women.

  • Q3

    What happened a year after Dorothy left Farmville to work at Langley?

    Her mother died following a long battle with cancer.

    Her sister accepted a job working in West Computing.

    Her husband, Howard, filed for divorce.

    Her children moved in with her in Newsome Park.

  • Q4

    Dorothy Vaughan was made temporary section head after her boss ----.

    was arrested and accused of being a Russian spy

    accepted a promotion to work at Goddard

    left her job to start a family

    suffered a mental breakdown

  • Q5

    What did Czarnecki do after Mary ranted about the bathroom incident?

    He took a screwdriver and removed all the "Colored" signs in the bathroom.

    He reported the women who had mocked her, and they were fired.

    He offered her a position working for him in the 4-foot SPT.

    He started a petition to end segregation at Langley.

  • Q6

    Katherine helped figure out that a Piper plane crash had been caused by ----.

    electrical interference from a system of severe storms

    a piece of the fuselage breaking off due to metal fatigue

    the pilot's loss of consciousness from strong G forces

    air disturbance left behind in the wake of a larger jet plane.

  • Q7

    What brought Dorothy's career as a manager to an end in 1958?

    She had to take a leave of absence to care for her ailing husband.

    She began to lose her vision and could no longer perform her duties.

    The entire West Area Computing Unit as dissolved.

    An engineer in the Sixteen-foot High-Speed Tunnel offered her a job.

  • Q8

    In the summer of 1960, Mary helped her son Levi to ----.

    complete a community service project for his Eagle Scout rank

    launch a model rocket for a science-fair project

    design and build a car for a soap-box derby

    raise enough money for flying lessons

  • Q9

    As a protest, what did Christine and some of her classmates do in Hampton?

    They tried to order food at a lunch counter in a local drugstore.

    They sneaked into a movie theater that was for whites only.

    They used sledgehammers to destroy water fountains in a city park.

    They sat in the white section of a public bus and refused to move.

  • Q10

    Katherine said the highlight of her career was working on the math that ----.

    coordinated the lunar landing with the orbiting Apollo CSM

    helped Apollo 13 astronauts conserve power after an explosion

    predicted exactly where Alan Shepard's capsule would land

    plotted the trajectory for a possible future human mission to Mars


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