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HIPPA Privacy

Quiz by Jessica Koenig

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    In general, information about a patient can be shared __________.
    Only when it is not related to treatment
    Only when the patient authorizes it specifically
    Only with other medical personnel
    When it is directly related to treatment
  • Q2
    Which of the following types of conversations about patients continues a violation of patient privacy?
    Conversation in public areas
    All of the above
    Conversations at home with friends and family
    Telephone conversation
  • Q3
    In a conversation, enough information to identify patients may be revealed, even if patient names are not used.
  • Q4
    In general, a written HIPAA privacy notice contains:
    An explanation that patient information may be transmitted to third parties for routine use in treatment decision, payment, or other healthcare processes
    All of the above
    An explanation of the patient’s right to see his or her own medical and billing records and make changes to anything seems inaccurate
    Notification of the patient’s right to learn who has read the records
  • Q5
    The ___________ is responsible to see that all healthcare workers are familiar with HIPAA and its privacy rule, and familiar with all the policies and procedures used to guard protected health information in the facility.
    None of the above
    HIPAA policymaker
    Compliance liaison
    Privacy officer
  • Q6
    In a hospital, the obligation to maintain confidentiality applies to ______.
    Medical information only
    Patients with HIV only
    Personal information only
    All medical and personal information
  • Q7
    Among the permitted disclosures that do not require patient permission are reporting:
    All of the above
    Communicable diseases
    Vital statistics
    Adverse reactions to drugs or medical devices to the FDA
  • Q8
    One exception to confidentiality is __________
    A minor who is pregnant
    When any doctor asks you for information, for any purpose
    Any celebrity who is already well known to the public
    A gunshot wound
  • Q9
    HIPAA regulations override any state laws which demand stricter privacy.
  • Q10
    The most common privacy violations were impermissible disclosures to unauthorized persons, often in casual conversation.

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