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Historic Black Architects

Quiz by Zamen Haider

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Who was the first black architects in America?
    Albert Einstein
    Robert Robinson Taylor
    Wallace Rayfield
    William Sidney Pittman
  • Q2
    Who was the first Black woman in the US?
    Kamala Harris
    Beverly Loraine Greene
    Lauren Alford
    Tiana Johnson
  • Q3
    This Black architect was not only a great architect but played a role in a lot of education. He was the dean at the City College of New York School of Architecture, the chairman of architecture at Columbia University. Who was this person?
    Lince Robinson
    Robert Robinson Taylor
    J Max Bond Jr
  • Q4
    Which architect was known as the "hollywood architect" after designing homes for Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant?
    Tyler Lee
    Paul Revere Williams
    Tavian Alford
    Darren James
  • Q5
    Who was the first Black municipal architect? This served as a senior designer at St Paul, in Minnesota.
    Rosa Parks
    Bruce Irving
    Clarence Willington
  • Q6
    Which architect helped design the west campus of Duke University? This includes the administration building and Duke's stadiums. Duke's main quad was named after this person.
    Lebron James
    Shawn McQueeen
    Carter Livingston
    Julian Abele
  • Q7
    These siblings opened the first black-owned architect firm. Who were these siblings?
    The Warner Bros
    The Wright Brothers
    The McKissack Brothers
  • Q8
    Who was the founder of the National Organization of Minority Architects? This person also helped design urban Chicago and affordable housing. Some of his best works are the Chicago Military Academy and the DuSable of African American History.
    Joesph McDaniels
    Phill Smallwood
    Micheal Jordan
    Wendell J Campbell
  • Q9
    Who was the first Black architect in the state of Texas? He was the only Black architect in Texas for 10 years.
    John S. Chase
    Sean Willington
    Lawrence Mayfield
  • Q10
    Who was the first TRAINED Black architect? He designed many all-Black colleges in the US. He would also teach at some of these universities.
    Zion Stony
    Henry Rutherford
    James Karl
    David Williston
  • Q11
    This architect shaped many educational buildings such as Howard University, Morgan State University, and Virginia Union. What is the name of this architect?
    Morgan Jones
    Brendon Towns
    Albert Cassell
    J Max Bond
  • Q12
    Who was the first licensed architect in the state of New Jersey in 1908?
    Barack Obama
    Horace Trumbauer
    George Washington Foster

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