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History Ch. 10 Review Part 2

Quiz by Laura Burke

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the problem with the American Army in the early years of the war?
    They were all trapped in New England
    Men were deserting or leaving the army
    They did not have enough ships to fight the navy
    They could not find the British troops
  • Q2
    What famous battle took place on Christmas Day?
    The Battle of Lexington and Concord
    The Battle of Saratoga
    Battle of Trenton
    The Battle of Yorktown
  • Q3
    What river did Washington and his troops cross in this famous painting?
    Question Image
    The Yorktown
    The Mississippi
    The Chesapeake
    The Delaware
  • Q4
    Who did the Americans defeat at Trenton?
    the Redcoats
    The Tories
    the Hessians (German soldiers)
    The Native Americans
  • Q5
    How did George Washington sneak the troops away from the large British force?
    He left men to keep campfires going to make the British think they were still there
    He sent in spies to find out the British plans
    He surrendered some troops to the British
    He crossed the Delaware River in the middle of the night
  • Q6
    What battle was fought just outside Boston?
    Bunker Hill
    Fort Ticonderoga
    Lexington and Concord
  • Q7
    What group did Sam Adams lead?
    The Patriots of New England
    The Brotherhood of Independence
    The Sons of Liberty
    The Minutemen of Boston
  • Q8
    What country became an ally to the colonies, and what American convinced them?
    Mexico, John Hancock
    England, Thomas Jefferson
    France, Ben Franklin
    Spain, John Adams
  • Q9
    What battle took place in New York, and was pivotal to the war?
    the Treaty of Paris
    the Battle of Lexington and Concord
    the Battle of Yorktown
    the Battle of Saratoga
  • Q10
    What victory helped convince the French to help the Americans in the war?
    the victory at Valley Forge
    the victory at Yorktown
    the Victory at Princeton
    the victory at Saratoga
  • Q11
    Which British general declared that the war would be over by 1777, then was defeated at Saratoga?
    General Gates
    General Howe
    General Burgoyne
    General Cornwallis
  • Q12
    Which general took the credit for the victory at Saratoga?
    General Lee
    General Gates
    General Allen
    General Burgoyne
  • Q13
    Where did the American troops spend the harsh winter?
    in Yorktown
    in Boston
    in Philadelphia
    in Valley Forge
  • Q14
    What general did the French send to help George Washington and his troops?
    Marquis de Lafayette
    General Cornwallis
    Benedict Arnold
    James Lafayette
  • Q15
    What did Benedict Arnold do?
    spied for the Americans at the battle of Yorktown
    Warned the Americans that the Redcoats were coming
    took all the credit for the victory at Saratoga
    gave away information to the British for money and position

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