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History Ch. 8+9 Review

Quiz by Laura Burke

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26 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the Great Awakening?
    the first battle of the French and Indian war
    the day everyone overslept
    a church group started by John Wesley
    a spiritual revival in the colonies
  • Q2
    Which one of the men below was an important leader of the Great Awakening?
    Mr. Hanlon
    Lief Erikson
    Thomas Jefferson
    Johnathan Edwards
  • Q3
    Why did the colonists need revival?
    they wanted to overthrow the church of England
    they followed another religion
    they did not believe that God was real
    Many had not accepted Jesus as their personal Savior
  • Q4
    Why did Johnathan Edwards stop preaching in his hometown?
    The people did not come to hear him speak
    He went to fight in the French and Indian War
    The Puritan leaders stopped him
    He had tired of teaching
  • Q5
    Who was another important man in the Great Awakening who preached to the Native Americans?
    Mr. Nordin
    John Wesley
    George Washington
    David Brainerd
  • Q6
    What did France call its land in the New World?
    New France
    New England
  • Q7
    Which choice below is a difference between the French and English colonists?
    The French brought their families while the English were unmarried men
    The French lived along the coast of the US while the English lived on rivers
    The French cut down trees while the English traded for furs
    The French were traders and traveled around while the English built homes
  • Q8
    Who was not happy about the English colonists cutting down trees?
    The Spanish and the French
    the French and the English
    The Native Americans and the Spanish
    the French and the Native Americans
  • Q9
    Who was the important British general who fought and died during the war?
    George Washington
    General George Waverly
    General Eisenhower
    General Edward Braddock
  • Q10
    Who had the largest amount of land in North America?
    the French
    the English
    the Spanish
  • Q11
    What was the name of the important fort the English wanted?
    Le Beouf (like cream puff)
    Le Spoof
    Le Quebec
    Le Octagon
  • Q12
    What was the problem with the way the British fought?
    They wore bright red uniforms
    They marched out in the open
    They stayed in straight lines when fighting
    All of the above
  • Q13
    What young man was chosen to help lead the troops?
    Gabriel Antonio
    John Wesley
    George Washington
    David Brainerd
  • Q14
    What was the biggest city in New France?
    New York
    Le Beuof
    Ohio River
  • Q15
    How did the British end the war?
    They moved all the colonists back to England
    They allied with the Indians
    They captured the city of Quebec
    They surrendered to the French

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