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History T3 Yr8 Presentation

Quiz by Daniel Rougon

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Why did King Edward III abolish football and other "vain games of no value."
    People weren't playing English activities
    He got injured playing football
    People weren't playing traditional activities
    He wanted all leisure activities to be helpful in battle
  • Q2
    How do you get a point in Tlachtli
    To put the ball through a stone hoop located at both ends of the court
    Get the ball to the end of the opposing court
    to put the ball through a stone hoop located on the side of the court
    Hit the ball into a stone goal located at either end of the court
  • Q3
    Who played Tlachtli
    Prisoners of war
  • Q4
    When was hammer throwing introduced
    1829 BCE
    1586 CE
    1775 BCE
    605 CE
  • Q5
    What was Hammer Throwing classified as?
    Ball Sports
    Track and Field

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