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History to Chew On

Quiz by Chris Blair

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The section titled "Gum Control" mainly explained ______________.
    Question Image
    that if you become rich you can own a baseball team
    that adults try to stop children from chewing gum
    that there are ways to make better tasting gum
    that people throw their gum away in ways that cause problems
  • Q2
    What did native peoples from North America like to chew?
    Question Image
    flavored grass
    betel nuts
    Doublemint gum
    sap from spruce trees
  • Q3
    Why did William Wrigley Jr. send free gum to so many people?
    Question Image
    He wanted them to taste his new flavored gum.
    They asked him for it.
    He wanted them to learn how to make it.
    All of the above
  • Q4
    What is the last step to making your own chewing gum?
    Question Image
    add flavoring and color
    put it on the cooling belt
    melt the gum base
    cut it into pieces
  • Q5
    Which sentence gives a detail about people who first chewed something gummy?
    Question Image
    William Wrigley Jr. added different flavors to his gum.
    It can make a nasty mess.
    It might be easier for you to buy your own gum than to make it.
    Native peoples in South America chewed chicle.
  • Q6
    Why did the author write this book?
    Question Image
    to show readers that chewing gum is a good thing to do
    to give readers information and history about chewing gum
    to explain to readers how to make their own chewing gum
    to help readers decide which kind of chewing gum is best
  • Q7
    Because people liked Wrigley gum, William Wrigley Jr. ____________.
    Question Image
    all of the above
    bough Catalina Island off Southern California
    bought the Chicago Cubs baseball team
    became very rich
  • Q8
    What does "discard" mean?
    Question Image
    to melt
    to throw away
    to collect
    to invent
  • Q9
    If something is "tacky", it is _____________.
    Question Image
  • Q10
    Where do people throw or put their gum that causes problems?
    Question Image
    all of the above

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