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Holes Ch 29-39

Quiz by Romena Jorjes (HD)

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  • Q1
    Why do the boys give Stanley a hard time about being "better than them"?
    Zero digs part of his hole for him.

    Stanley completes his hole first 

    Stanley is smarter than the other boys 

  • Q2
    What does Mr. Pendanski do about the boys harassing Stanley?

    He takes them to the Warden 

    he ignores them

    He makes them dig an extra hole

    He tells him to teach the bully a lesson.
  • Q3
    Why does Zero hit Mr. Pendanski with the shovel?

    Mr. Penandski was going to hit Zero to teach him a lesson

    Zero was pushed to his limit and tired of Mr. Pendanski picking on him and calling him stupid.

    Mr. Penandski was going to make Zero dig an extra hole 

  • Q4
    Why does Stanley drive off in the water truck?
    Stanley went to go find Zero and bring him water.

    Stanley was going to drive home 

    Stanley wanted to act tough in front of the other campers

  • Q5
    Where does Stanley find Zero?
    Under Sam's boat called "The Mary Lou".

    On Gods Thumb 

    He doesn't 

    In one of the cabins 

  • Q6
    What does Stanley plan to tell the Warden to ease their sentence upon returning?

    He plans on getting bit by a rattle snake

    He will tell her that he wants to talk to his mom 

    He will tell her where they really found the lipstick case.
  • Q7
    Where do Stanley and Zero decide to go?

    leave camp for good and settle in the next town they see 

    back to camp

    to God's Thumb to find refuge.
  • Q8
    What is Stanley's warning to Zero?

    I am very hungry

    I am a slow walker 

    I haven't showered in a week

    I am not the luckiest guy in the world.
  • Q9
    How do the boys distract themselves from their hunger and pain?

    They play tic- tac- toe

    They talk about their crushes 

    They play Wordle

    They spell words and imagine what is on the mountain.
  • Q10
    When Zero collapses, what does Stanley do?

    He leaves him 

    He gives him more Sploosh

    He carries him up the mountain.

    He gets him water 

  • Q11
    Armpit shoves Stanley to the ground for calling him by his real name.

    Person vs.  world 

    Person vs unknown

    person vs. person

    Person vs. self 

  • Q12
    Elya told his wife she should leave him because he is cursed.

    person vs. person

    person vs. unknown

    person vs machine 

    person vs. world

  • Q13
    Stanley tried to pull himself out of his hole but he was too exhausted

    person vs. machine 

    person vs. self

    person vs. person

    person vs. world

  • Q14
    Stanley's hands were blistered and bloody from digging with the shovel.

    person vs. world

    person vs. machine

    person vs. person 

    person vs. self 

  • Q15
    Stanley was convicted of a crime he did not commit

    Person vs. self

    Person vs. person

    Person vs. society

    Person vs. machine


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