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Holes Quiz Ch 10-22

Quiz by Romena Jorjes (HD)

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  • Q1

    In Chapter 10, what does Stanley find while digging?

    a bone 

    A gold lipstick

    A bullet 

    The fossil of a fish

  • Q2

    What happens when Stanley reports his find to Mr. Pendasnski?

    X-ray yells at Stanley 

    Mr. Pendanski gives Stanley the day off

    Stanley gets double showers

    Stanley doesn't get the rest of the day off

  • Q3

    Describe the object that Stanley digs up in Chapter 13

    A fossil 

    A bone 


    A gold tube with the letters KB inscribed on it

  • Q4

    Describe the Warden

    Blonde hair, Authoritative 

    Red hair, sweet lady 

    Blonde hair that is sweet 

    A tall woman with red hair, Authoritative

  • Q5

    What does the Warden order the boys to do?

    Gives them all double showers 

    Made them each dig an extra hole 

    Help dig X-ray's, Armpit's and Squid's holes

    Gives them all a day off

  • Q6

    How did Stanley know that they wouldn't find what the Warden was looking for?

    The Warden wasn't looking for anything, they were digging holes to build character, 

    He already found the item in X-Ray's hole

    Squid already found the item 

    He had found the item in his own hole

  • Q7

    Who does Stanley agree to give anything he might find while digging?





  • Q8

    Why does X-Ray tell Stanley to move up one place in the water line?

    X-Ray was mad at his friends 

    Stanley's status in the group is changing X-Ray feels Stanley is worthy of water before Zero

    Stanley was really thirsty 

    He was friends with Zero so he gets to go to the front

  • Q9

    What sentence is repeated three times in the first six paragraphs of Chapter 13?

    All too soon Stanley was back out on the lake, sticking his shovel into the dirt.

    It didn't hurt so much to hold the shovel.

    He dug his shovel into the dirt

    His skin had gotten tougher. 

  • Q10

    When Mr. Pendanski asks the boys what they enjoy doing, what surprising answer does Zero give?


    Digging holes



  • Q11
    What is one thing we learn about Zero in this section of the novel?
    He is good at math

    He likes to read

    Zero's middle name is Stanley 

    He wants to be an astronaut 

  • Q12

    What was the "special ingredient" in the Warden's nail polish?


    rattlesnake venom

    Bee pollen 

    Food coloring

  • Q13
    What did Stanley's great-grandfather find refuge in the desert?




    "God's thumb"

  • Q14

    What arrangement does Stanley make with Zero?

    Zero will Teach Stanley to read is he digs a portion of his whole each day 

    Stanley will help Zero with math is he teaches Stanley how to write 

    He will teach him to read if Zero digs a portion of his hole each day

    They did not make an arrangement 

  • Q15

    How does Stanley suddenly realize what the object was that he had dug up?

    He saw it in a commercial 

    Zero told him about it 

    He sees a similar item when he is in the Warden's room

    He remembered it from a dream 


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