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Homeostasis and the Nervous System

Quiz by KirbyA Science

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What does homeostasis mean?

    regulation of the conditions inside your body and cells

    hormonal control of blood glucose

    regulation of the nervous system

    standing still

  • Q2

    why do conditions inside our body need to stay constant?

    for enzymes to work at their best

    so we can get rid of waste products

    so oxygen diffuses efficiently

  • Q3

    What do receptors do?

    receive and process information 

    detect  stimuli (changes in the environment)

    produce a response

  • Q4

    What is an effector?

    something that detects stimuli

    something the produces a response

    something that receives and processes information

  • Q5

    Which one of these is not controlled by homeostasis?

    body temperature

    water content

    blood glucose

    menstrual cycle

  • Q6

    What is a neuron?

    a hormone

    part of the brain

    a nerve cell

  • Q7

    Effectors are always what?

    muscles or glands

    the brain

    enzymes or hormones

  • Q8

    What is a synapse?

    the connection between two neurones

    the nerves that connect the brain and a muscle

    a gap between two muscles

  • Q9

    Why do we have reflexes?

    to make up run faster

    to reduce the chance of injury

    to help us move

  • Q10

    What is the endocrine system?

    The system that coordinates the nervous system

    The glands that secrete hormones


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