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Homework 1

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a network?
    A type of software

    A CPU and operating system

    A storage device
    A group of computers and devices that are connected to each other
  • Q2
    What is cloud computing?
    A type of computer game
    A way to store images
    Using remote computer servers to store, manage and process data
    A type of network
  • Q3
    What is game design?
    The process of designing the rules, mechanics and aesthetics of a game
    The process of writing a computer program for a game
    The process of testing a game
    The process of designing an algorithm
  • Q4
    A server is a computer that provides a service to other computers or devices on a network
    True or False
  • Q5
    What is a firewall?
    A method of protecting a computer against fire
    A security system that controls access to a computer or network

    Anti-virus software

    A type of game
  • Q6
    What is a hacker?
    A person who uses their knowledge to create a virus
    A type of virus
    A person who gains authorised access to a computer system.
    A person who uses their knowledge of computer systems to gain unauthorized access to data
  • Q7
    Users re-arrange answers into correct order
  • Q8
    What is encryption?
    A complicated computer program
    Unlocking a computer so that it can be used
    The process of converting data into a secret code to keep it secure

    A computer virus

  • Q9
    What is phishing?
    The practice of creating malicious software and spreading it on a network.
    The fraudulent practice of sending emails or messages to trick people into revealing sensitive information
    The practice of catching fish.
    The practice of bullying someone online.

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