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Hot Box Pretzels Assignment

Quiz by NeKeisha King Price

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  • Q1
    What inspired Blake and Roman to start Hot Box Pretzels?
    They saw a gap in the food truck market in Jacksonville.
    They found a recipe for pretzels online and decided to give it a try.
    They were inspired by a mentor who encouraged them to start their own business.
    They were working at a golf course where they saw the popularity of their handmade pretzels.
    They wanted to bring their love of pretzels to events and share it with others.
  • Q2
    What was the first recipe Blake and Roman used for their pretzels?
    A family recipe passed down through generations.
    A recipe from a cookbook.
    A recipe they created themselves through trial and error.
    A recipe shared by their mentor.
    A recipe they found online through a Google search.
  • Q3
    What was the moment when Blake and Roman felt that their business concept was proven?
    When they were featured on a popular food blog.
    When they secured their first major event at a music festival.
    When they sold 400 pretzels in one day and saw the positive response from customers.
    When they received positive feedback from family and friends.
    When they made their first $10,000 in revenue.
  • Q4
    What is Hot Box Pretzels' specialty?
    Gourmet pretzel sandwiches with unique fillings.
    Giant, handmade, fresh pretzels that are topped to order.
    Sweet pretzels with a variety of dessert toppings.
    Traditional pretzels with a twist.
    Miniature pretzels served with a variety of dips.
  • Q5
    What was the total revenue for Hot Box Pretzels in their first month of operation?
  • Q6
    What is one piece of advice Blake and Roman would give to aspiring food truck owners?
    Build relationships with other food truck owners for mentorship and support.
    Don't be afraid to try new things and take risks.
    Invest in quality equipment and ingredients.
    Start small and test your concept before scaling up.
    Focus on marketing and getting your name out there.
  • Q7
    What is the most difficult thing about starting a food truck business, according to Blake and Roman?
    Sourcing high-quality ingredients.
    Managing the logistics of operating a mobile kitchen.
    Finding a suitable location to park the food truck.
    Finding events and booking them.
    Building a customer base and creating brand awareness.
  • Q8
    What was Blake and Roman's initial investment to start Hot Box Pretzels?
  • Q9
    What is the importance of online presence for Hot Box Pretzels?
    It enables online ordering and delivery services.
    It helps them sell merchandise and branded products.
    It provides a platform for customer reviews and testimonials.
    It allows them to reach a wider audience through digital advertising.
    It allows them to showcase their menu, interact with customers, and generate leads for events.
  • Q10
    What was the cost of setting up Hot Box Pretzels' website?
    $30 per month
    $100 per month
    $40 per month
    $15 per month
    $3 per month

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