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House of Dies Drear Ch 10-12

Quiz by Jacque Yaneff

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Thomas think of the congregation and Mr. Pluto?
    He thinks they fear him.
    He thinks they ignore him.
    He thinks they like him.
    He thinks they respect him.
  • Q2
    Who does Thomas think should have greeted his family more warmly.
    the congregation
    Robert Charles
    the preacher
    Mrs. Darrow
  • Q3
    Where does Thomas' father bring his family after church?
    to the park
    the university where is will be teaching
    to the police station
    to a welcome party
  • Q4
    Where do Thomas and his family eat after church?
    at the church
    the cafeteria at the university
    at a local restaurant
    at home
  • Q5
    Where is Thomas' father's office?
    at the entrance of the university
    in a small back building
    deep inside the main building
    in a high tower
  • Q6
    What do Thomas and his father find at the office?
    a welcome gift
    a warning note
    a triangle
    a small book
  • Q7
    Why do Thomas and his family want to hire a locksmith?
    to fix the kitchen door lock
    to fix the car door
    to buy a lock for the tunnels
    to change the locks of the house
  • Q8
    Why is Thomas' family directed to the Carr filling station?
    There is no locksmith in town
    The locksmith is away for the day
    the locksmith works there part time
    the locksmith prices are too high
  • Q9
    Who does Thomas' father talk to at the Carr filling station?
    the oldest boy
    the youngest boy
    Mrs. Darrow
    the owner
  • Q10
    What room do they find vandalized?
    the fridge
    the kitchen
    the garden
    the bedrooms
  • Q11
    What is broken in the vandalized rooms?
    the dishes
    the radio
    the fridge
    the furniture
  • Q12
    What is spread on the walls of the vandalized room?
    water and flour
  • Q13
    What is Mr. Pluto's real name?
    Mark Postdam
    Paul White
    Henry Skinner
    Henry Freeman

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