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How Can We Protect Wild Animals Part 2

Quiz by Müjgan Goral

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Bite (verb)
    to use your teeth to cut into or through something
  • Q2
    Campaign (noun)
    a series of planned activities that are organized to achieve a social, political aim.
  • Q3
    Danger (noun)
    the possibility that something will be hurt or killed
  • Q4
    Attack (verb)
    an act of using violence to try to hurt or kill somebody
  • Q5
    Fur (noun)
    the hair on an animal
  • Q6
    Responsible (Adj.)
    able to be trusted to do what is right and expected or needed
  • Q7
    Predator (noun)
    An animal that hunts other animals for food
  • Q8
    Donate (verb)
    to give (money, food, clothes, etc.) in order to help a person or organization
  • Q9
    Protect (verb)
    to keep safe
  • Q10
    Whisper (verb)
    to speak very softly or quietly
  • Q11
    Shell (noun)
    the hard outer covering of an animal, insect, etc. that protects it
  • Q12
    Volunteer (verb)
    to offer to do something without being forced to do it or without getting paid for it
  • Q13
    Survive (verb)
    continue to live

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