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How did British rule and External Developments affect Singapore’s growth as a port city from 1819-1942

Quiz by Devi Lokanathan

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Why did many people flock to Singapore after 1819
    Due to the provision of free food
    Due to the climate
    Due to benefit from the free trade status
    Due to free education
  • Q2
    What is transshipment?
    Transfer of credit
    Transfer of goods
    Transfer of money
    Transfer of property
  • Q3
    When did Singapore become a crown colony
  • Q4
    How did the British raise funds for administration?
    Planting crops
    Collecting donations
    Taxing gambling, opium and liquor
    Selling rubber
  • Q5
    What did the British do to solve the high rate of crime?
    To fine the residents
    Get thugs to stop the crime
    Set up a police force
    To send the criminals away
  • Q6
    Why was there an increase in Chinese immigrants?
    To flee from wars and poverty in China
    To diseases
    To join their families
    To gather precious materials
  • Q7
    What was not a challenge faced by the early Chinese immigrants?
    Secret society problems
    Labour abuses
    High Taxation
  • Q8
    What is the name of the Chinese immigrants?
  • Q9
    How did the secret societies help the Chinese coolies
    Provided health services
    Provided accommodation
    Provided jobs
    Take care of them when they were sick
  • Q10
    What was the role of the Chinese Protectorate?
    To buy food
    To find jobs
    To find accommodation
    To tackle the problem of secret societies and coolie abuses
  • Q11
    Who was William Pickering
    First constable
    First protector of the Chinese
    First Resident
    First Labourer
  • Q12
    How did the British tackle piracy?
    To deploy coastal guards
    Gunboats to destroy the pirate ships
    Fine them
    To change the trade routes

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