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How It's Made - Drums Test

Quiz by Earl Kent

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the name of the newer technique for making drums called?
    Metal Sheathing
    Maple Planking
    Wood Curing
  • Q2
    How many sheets of maple are used to create a drum?
    5 Sheets
    11 Sheets
    10 Sheets
    2 Sheets
  • Q3
    In the picture, what is the large hole called?
    Question Image
    Air Vent
    Drum Mount
    Drum Hole
    Sound Hole
  • Q4
    How many Lugs are attached to every drum head?
    It changes depending up the size of the drum.
  • Q5
    After the bottom drum head is put in place, what goes on next?
    Drum Head Cover
    Counter Hoop
    Tension Rods
    Chrome Rib
  • Q6
    Why is the bottom drum head blasted with a heat gun?
    To melt the edges to the Chrome Rim
    To dry the drum head
    to remove wrinkles
    To remove any excess water
  • Q7
    How thick is the top drum head compared to the bottom drum head?
    Three times as thick
    They're both the same thickness.
    Twice as thick
    Half as thick
  • Q8
    What tightens when the Chrome Rib is secured to the top drum head?
    Lug Nuts
    Counter Hoop
    Tension Rods
    Drum Key
  • Q9
    What are those wires in the picture called?
    Question Image
    Snare Wires
    Buzz Wires
    Tension Wires
    Drum Head Wires
  • Q10
    What does the bass drum have that gives it a bigger sound?
    Larger Drum Head
    Three Drum Heads
    Thicker Drum Head
    Wooden Hoops

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