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  • Q1
    On average 51% of traffic comes to websites from
    Paid Search
    Social Media
    Referring Domain
    Organic Search
  • Q2
    What is the right sequence of stages in the marketing funnel?
    Interest, Awareness, Evaluation, Consideration, Purchase
    Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Consideration, Purchase
    Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase
    Interest, Consideration, Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase
  • Q3
    What is a CRM?
    Customer Redemption Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Customer ROI Measurement
  • Q4
    Marketing persona is
    Your existing customers that buys your services
    Your highest converting prospect
    A composite sketch of a key segment of your audience
  • Q5
    Of the following website functions, which is the most important?
    Having contact details on every page
    Capture email addresses of visitors
    Having free report and downloads
    Describe company services

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