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How secure is it?

Quiz by sadiq

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Linda Santos got an e-mail asking her to give
    e-mail password
    bank password
    phone password
    safe password
  • Q2
    Lind Santos decides
    to use the internet to pay bills sometimes.
    not to use the intenet to pay bills.
    to use the internet carefully to pay bills.
    will use the internet when it becomes more secure.
  • Q3
    Emily Adams got embarrassed because
    she sent an e-mail with bad songs.
    she sent an e-mail with bad words.
    she sent an e-mail with a bad remark about someone.
    she sent an e-mail with a bad picture.
  • Q4
    Emily Adams
    does not like her job.
    does not like her salary.
    does not like her office.
    does not like someone.
  • Q5
    Lee Mun is
    happy with the internet.
    angry with the internet.
    sad with the internet.
    disappointed with the internet.
  • Q6
    Which of the fowllowing Lee Mun does not do on the Internet?
    buys things.
    sells things.
    he uploads videos.
    look for information.
  • Q7
    Owen O'neil wanted to buy the camera becasue
    it is big.
    it is high quality.
    it is cheap.
    it is small.
  • Q8
    Owen O'neil decides not to use the online shopping becasue
    it is expensive.
    it is not secure.
    it takes a lot of time.
    it is tiring.

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