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How to Do an X-Ray Search on LinkedIn

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  • Q1
    What is the title of the previous video by SkillDeck?
    How to find people on LinkedIn
    Business Development and Candidate Sourcing
    The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn
    LinkedIn X-Ray
  • Q2
    Which Chrome extension is used to scrape data from LinkedIn in this video?
    Data Miner
    Web Scraper
  • Q3
    How can you find people in a specific industry on LinkedIn according to this video?
    By using the keyword operator "industry:" followed by the industry name
    By using a paid LinkedIn subscription
    By searching for the industry name in the title of the profile
    By filtering by industry in the advanced search options
  • Q4
    What are some of the data points you can scrape from LinkedIn profiles according to this video?
    First name, Last name, Title, Company, Email ID, LinkedIn URL, and Summary
    Location, Education, Skills, and Experience
    Followers, Following, and Posts
    All of the above
  • Q5
    Besides using keywords for email IDs, how can you find phone numbers on LinkedIn profiles according to this video?
    You cannot search for phone numbers on LinkedIn
    By using keywords such as "call me at" or "reach me at"
    LinkedIn does not allow you to find phone numbers on profiles
    By searching for phone numbers in the profile summary
  • Q6
    In which part of the Chrome extension Data Miner would you find the pre-built recipe for scraping LinkedIn data?
    My Data
    Help Center
    Pre-built recipes
  • Q7
    How can you repeat your LinkedIn search to target a different industry according to this video?
    By creating a new X-ray string with the new industry keyword
    By exporting your search results and then filtering them by industry in a spreadsheet program
    You cannot search for a different industry after you have already performed a search
    By using the "repeat the search with omitted results" option and entering the new industry keyword
  • Q8
    What is the Boolean operator used in creating an X-ray string according to this video?
    There are no operators used in X-ray strings
  • Q9
    How does this video recommend you download the scraped data from LinkedIn?
    By copying and pasting the data into a spreadsheet program
    By using the "download in Excel" option in the Data Miner recipe
    By taking a screenshot of the results
    By exporting the data as a CSV file
  • Q10
    What is the main topic of this video?
    How to export your LinkedIn profile data
    How to use LinkedIn for business development and candidate sourcing
    How to scrape contact information and other data from LinkedIn profiles using the Data Miner Chrome extension
    How to create effective X-ray search strings for finding people on LinkedIn

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