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How to Enable Sql server Authentication in Sql server 2017

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  • Q1
    By default, which authentication mode is enabled in SQL Server 2017?
    Windows Authentication
    SQL Server Authentication
    Mixed Mode Authentication
    No Authentication
  • Q2
    How can you verify if the SQL Server Management Studio is connected to the server?
    Look for a confirmation message in the status bar.
    There is no visual indication of a successful connection.
    Check for a green signal next to the server name.
    The window title bar will indicate the connection status.
  • Q3
    To enable SQL Server Authentication, which option needs to be unchecked in the SQL Server Management Studio properties?
    Windows Authentication mode
    Connection mode
    Server Authentication mode
    Login Security mode
  • Q4
    After enabling SQL Server Authentication, what are the two ways to log in to the server according to the video?
    Server Management Studio or SQL Server Login
    Windows Login or SQL Server Login
    Local Account or Domain Account
    Password or Fingerprint
  • Q5
    Which service needs to be restarted after enabling SQL Server Authentication?
    Windows Authentication Service
    SQL Server Management Studio
    SQL Server Browser
    Microsoft SQL Server
  • Q6
    What does enabling SQL Server Authentication allow according to the video?
    Running multiple instances of SQL Server applications
    Bypassing Windows security features
    Connecting to the server remotely
    Creating new users in SQL Server
  • Q7
    Which of the following is NOT a step mentioned in the video for enabling SQL Server Authentication?
    Selecting the "Security" option in SQL Server Management Studio properties.
    Unchecking the "Windows Authentication mode" option.
    Clicking the "OK" button to confirm changes.
    Creating a new login and password for SQL Server authentication (not mentioned in this video).
  • Q8
    Based on the video, what potential security risk is introduced by enabling SQL Server Authentication?
    The video doesn't discuss security risks.
    Server becomes more vulnerable to unauthorized access attempts.
    Users are required to create more complex passwords.
    Increased difficulty for users to connect to the server.
  • Q9
    In the context of the video, what is the purpose of server rules?
    To configure firewall settings for the SQL Server instance.
    To define which logins have access to specific databases.
    To manage the startup and shutdown of SQL Server services.
    To specify authentication methods for different users.
  • Q10
    What was the main purpose of the video according to the title? (Double Answer)
    Create a new User in Sql server 2017
    Enable SQL Server Authentication in SQL Server 2017

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