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How to Study Culture: Test your Knowledge

Quiz by Jill Turner

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  • Q1
    A Culture is a learned behavior acquired by individuals ....
    who live in the same geographic area
    as members of a social group
    who speak the same language
    who have the same last name
  • Q2
    Four things to look for when studying a culture are 1. Beliefs and Values 2. Geography & Natural Resources, 3. Social Organizations, 4.
    Language and religion
    Economic Activities
    Land and Climate
    Entertainment and activities
  • Q3
    An example of a political ideal that we value in the United States is
    all of the above
    separation of church and state
    free enterprise
    the right to vote
  • Q4
    Cultures assign value to a variety of things: Participation in fraternities and sororities is an example of
    Social relations
    technical ability or skilled craftsmanship
    artistic ability
    religious beliefs
  • Q5
    The ability to design bridges to increase improve the infrastructure of a city is a non material value that falls under
    social relations
    technical ability
    religious beliefs
  • Q6
    The ability to attend mass, synagogue , participate in evening prayer falls under
    religious beliefs
    skilled craftsmanship
    material objects
  • Q7
    The purchasing of goods from China by the US and the US providing wheat to China is an example of
    cross cultural interdependence
    cross country trading
    international trade
  • Q8
    This type of trading with China is a factor that can be identified as
    technological advancements
    Historical events
    Uneven distribution of natural resources
    the impact of various forms of media
  • Q9
    The outcome of World War II, the COVID19 global pandemic, the effects of global warming, are cultural factors that fall under
    Uneven distribution of natural resources
    Historical events
    Historical events
    Impact of media
  • Q10
    Surprising World Wide support for this movement, may be able to lead us in a path toward more understanding ..
    the race to land on Mars
    Global Warming
    Black Lives Matter

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