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How to use forms in Power Automate

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  • Q1
    What type of Microsoft Flow is used in this video?
    Desktop flow
    Automated cloud flow
    Manual cloud flow
    Mobile flow
  • Q2
    What triggers the flow in this video?
    When a new email is received
    When a new Microsoft Form is created
    When a new file is uploaded
    When a new response is submitted to a Microsoft Form
  • Q3
    Which connector is used to get the response details from the Microsoft Form?
    Update form
    Create form
    Delete form
    Get response details
  • Q4
    What dynamic content is used to specify the form in the "Get response details" action?
    The ID of the form
    The name of the flow
    The name of the form
    The ID of the flow
  • Q5
    What Microsoft Flow connector is used to send an email notification in this video?
    Create email
    Send email v2
    Update email
    Send notification
  • Q6
    What dynamic content is used in the email subject line in this video?
    The name of the flow
    The name of the form
    The ID of the form
  • Q7
    Which of the following actions can be performed after the response details are retrieved from the Microsoft Form? (Choose two)
    Create a new record in Dataverse
    Send an email notification
    Update a Dataverse record
    Update a SharePoint list
  • Q8
    How can you add context to the dynamic content in the email body?
    By reformatting the date of the response
    By modifying the response ID
    By changing the name of the flow
    By adding the question text before the corresponding response content
  • Q9
    What are some of the data sources that flow can be extended to write the data to? (Choose two)
    Microsoft Dataverse, SharePoint, SQL Server
    OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Planner
  • Q10
    Where can you find templates for interacting with Microsoft Forms in Power Automate?
    By searching for "Microsoft Forms" in the templates tab
    By clicking on the "Get More Flows" button
    By going to the "Help" menu and searching for templates
    By contacting Microsoft support

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