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How to use Internal Links to Boost Google Rankings

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  • Q1
    What is the MIDDLEMAN method for internal linking?
    Focusing all your linking efforts on your homepage.
    Creating an internal link between two pages that are not relevant to each other.
    A simple internal linking technique where you get lots of links to a page to build its authority and on this authoritative page you can add internal links to other pages, effectively boosting their Google rankings.
    Creating a bunch of backlinks to a page to make it rank higher.
  • Q2
    What are the three ingredients required for a successful internal linking strategy?
    1. Focusing on keywords 2. Having a robots.txt file 3. Submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console
    1. A large number of internal links 2. A high domain rating 3. A social media following
    1. Backlinks to the linking page 2. Linked page matches searcher intent 3. Competitors that you can actually compete against
    1. High quality content 2. A fast loading website 3. Mobile-friendliness
  • Q3
    How can you find important pages on your website to target for internal linking?
    Look for pages that have a balance of high business value and good traffic potential where you are not currently ranking in the top position.
    Target pages that are not user-friendly.
    Focus on pages that have a lot of backlinks.
    Prioritize pages that are based on popular culture references.
  • Q4
    What are three ways to find internal linking opportunities on your website?
    1. Site search in Google with " [keyword]" 2. Ahrefs site audit - Internal link opportunities report 3. Ahrefs site Explorer - Best Buy Links report
    1. Contacting webmasters of other websites to ask for backlinks. 2. Paying for backlinks. 3. Participating in online forums.
    1. Social media promotion. 2. Guest blogging on other websites. 3. Creating infographics.
    1. Look at your competitor's websites. 2. Use a random keyword generator. 3. Pay a freelance writer to create new content.
  • Q5
    How can you gauge the relevance of potential donor pages for internal linking?
    Look at the titles and URLs of the pages.
    Look at the bounce rate of the page.
    Look at theのデザイン (dezain) - design of the webpage.
    Look at the number of social media shares the page has.
  • Q6
    What are some of the benefits of internal linking besides passing PageRank?
    Allow you to charge more for your products or services.
    Make your website look more visually appealing.
    Increase the number of times your website is mentioned on social media.
    Improve user experience by giving visitors relevant resources that they might want to read more on.
  • Q7
    Why might internal linking not be enough to improve your ranking for a particular keyword?
    You might need to update the content on the page to better match searcher intent.
    You might not be using the right social media hashtags.
    You might need to build backlinks from external sources to boost the page's authority.
    Your website might not be mobile-friendly.
  • Q8
    What does the speaker recommend doing to the 301 redirects page to improve its ranking?
    Change the title of the page to something more relevant.
    Increase the number of internal links pointing to the page.
    Create a Content update because it has not been updated since 2020.
    Build more backlinks to the page.
  • Q9
    In the video, what was the calculated WoW % change for week 5?
    There is not enough information to calculate WoW % change for week 5
    The video only covers YoY, QoQ, MoM calculations
  • Q10
    What does the author recommend at the end of the video?
    Downloading the Adventure Works database
    Creating a new measure for weekly sales
    Subscribing to the taik18 channel and turning on notifications
    Sharing the video with friends and colleagues

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