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How well do you know the Ashesi Housing Policies?

Quiz by Mamaa Enyimah Ackah

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9 questions
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  • Q1

    Housing at Ashesi University is considered as a...





  • Q2

    A student failed to pay the housing deposit before the deadline. What is the consequence of their action?

    The student's housing assignment will be assigned through an end-of-year lottery. 

    The student can stay in the hostel without any issues.

    The student will be exempt from paying housing fees. 

    The student will be waitlisted for housing.

  • Q3

    As an RA, you are expected to...

    All of the above.

    Report maintenance issues and broken appliances promptly

    Organize resident meetings to discuss housing policies

    Encourage cleanliness and hygiene standards in the residence halls

  • Q4

    What is the maximum number of standing fans allowed per room?

    two (2)

    four (4)

    three (3)

    one (1)

  • Q5

    What is the purpose of monthly inspections conducted?

    To determine whether students are properly disposing of trash

    To ensure rooms and bathrooms are clean and tidy

    To check if students are following the no-cooking policy

    To assess the overall cleanliness of the residence halls.

  • Q6

    Students are allowed to drill holes in the walls to hang up pictures. 



  • Q7

    What are some examples of public nuisance behavior that students should avoid?

    Leaving dirty dishes in shared areas

    All of the above

    Playing loud music that disturbs others

    Inviting frequent visitors without considering roommates' privacy

  • Q8

    A student wants to invite a friend to stay in the room for five days. What should the student do before inviting the friend?

    Get consent from their  roommates and the Residence Assistant

    None of the above

    Pay extra fees for the friend to stay

    Notify the Assistant Dean in writing

  • Q9

    What should students do if they have special dietary needs?

    All of the above.

    Inform the Office of Students and Community Affairs as soon as possible.

    Avoid the cafeteria and cook their meals in the room

    Ignore their dietary needs and eat whatever is available


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