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提供的英时教学资源,你了解多少?How well do you know the provided EnSEED teaching resources

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  • Q1
    以下英时教学资源中,天华幼儿园购买的不包括哪一个?In the following EnSEED teaching resources, which is not included in Tianhua kindergarten package?
    线上评估功能 Online assessment
    电子版中英文教案 Online Chinese and English lesson plans
    电子版多元智能双语绘本 Interactive MI bilingual e-book
    教师培训 Teacher training
  • Q2
    每本多元智能双语绘本包括 Every MI reader includes:
    以上所有答案 Above all
    线上中英文音频 Online Chinese and English audio
    8份英文教案 8 English lesson plans
    8份中文教案 8 Chinese lesson plans
  • Q3
    教案的获取方式是How to access lesson plans:
    微信 WeChat
    英时线上平台EnSEED online platform
  • Q4
    多元智能不包括以下哪个?Multiple Intelligences do not include which of the following?
    音乐智能 Music Intelligence
    语言智能 Linguisitic Intelligence
    书写智能 Writing Intelligence
    人际交往智能 Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Q5
    EnSEED英时课程的组成部分是什么?What are the ingredients in the EnSEED curriculum?
    核心价值core values
    以上所有 Above all
    多元智能 Multiple Intelligence

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