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HRM-Lesson 4 Thurs&Fri 4-16&17

Quiz by Sally Bader

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  • Q1
    Immigration laws do NOT include laws regarding which of the following?
    Social Security cards
    Global Health Concerns
  • Q2
    Karen (an employer) hired her husband without posting the job opening or interviewing other candidates. What is wrong with this scenario?
    It is discrimination based on sex
    It is discrimination based on age
    It's not ethical.
  • Q3
    In order to ensure all prospects are treated fairly, which of the following does the presentation recommend?
    Keep records of resumes, interview all qualified candidates, and call interviewees' references
    Don't rely on resumes
    Hire from within when possible
  • Q4
    Which of the following tips for being recruited is often expressed by the term, "it is not what you know, it is who you know"?????
    Check for benefits
    Always network
  • Q5
    Mrs. Bader has said this before.......MOST of the time it's "who you know to get a job, but what you know to keep it."

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