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HSII 1.04 Legal&Ethical

Quiz by sue patterson

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    A patient decides to have an abortion. The nurse comments, "I would never allow my daughter to do this!" The nurse has violated which behavior?
    Nurse law
  • Q2
    Dr. Smith opened a medical practice but has not yet passed the state mandated exam. Dr. Smith is guilty of which offense?
    False imprisonment
    Physical abuse
    Sexual abuse
    Practicing without a license
  • Q3
    Shameka needs her medical records. She is aware that she must:
    talk with the owner of the agency where her records are kept.
    ask the doctor to make a copy for a new doctor.
    ask her parent or guardian to get a copy of her record
    sign a consent form to receive a copy of her record.
  • Q4
    John is convicted of selling medications he stole from the nursing home. He is sentenced to five years in prison. This type of crime is considered a/an:
  • Q5
    Mrs. Perez has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Which document is she likely to be considering for end-of-life care?
    Power of attorney
    Living will
    Patient self-determination clause
    Right-to-die declaration
  • Q6
    Jack stole a patient's ring and another patient's medication. These were violations of:
    civil law
    criminal law
    invasion of patient privacy
  • Q7
    Dr. Michael left two sponges and a pair of scissors in the patient during surgery. Dr. Michael may be charged with which civil tort?
  • Q8
    What do ethics and laws in healthcare have in common?
    Both have requirements that may change depending on the healthcare profession.
    Both always involve doing the right thing for patients.
    Both are regulated through patient rights legislation.
    Both are determined by a person's conduct.
  • Q9
    When Susan cares for patients, she always follows procedures just as she learned in a nursing assistant course. This illustrates the legal obligation she has to provide:
    reasonable care
  • Q10
    A student nurse told his roommate about a patient at the nursing home. Which patient rights legislation was violated?
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)
    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA)
    Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA)
  • Q11
    Which is an example of a legal disability?
    Married 16-year-old having a baby
    Patient from an assisted living facility
    45-year-old man having elective surgery
    Drug addict waiting in the emergency department for treatment
  • Q12
    A medical assistant was fired from a medical practice and has been making negative, untrue statements about one of the physicians. The assistant could be charged with:
  • Q13
    Exposing a patient unnecessarily, calling a patient a name, and failing to lock the brakes on a wheelchair are all examples of:
    civil torts
    criminal torts
    acts of omission
  • Q14
    Jasper calls Dr. Thompson's office to make a new patient appointment. The receptionist makes the appointment. What part of the contract is the appointment?
  • Q15
    Roger failed to answer Mrs. Edward's call signal. What patient right did he violate?
    Provide confidential treatment of all communications/records
    Respect and nondiscrimination
    Provide reasonable response to a request for services
    Be informed of any hospital rules and regulations

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