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H&T Unit 4 Review Final

Quiz by Paige Horton

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  • Q1
    Which personal quality is important to express when handling a hotel guest’s complaint?
  • Q2
    Which is a convenience service that a motel might provide its guests to expedite the morning departure process?
    Self-checkout kiosks
    Food-vending machines
    Baggage claim
    Internet access
  • Q3
    What is the last step in effectively handling a hotel guest’s complaint?
    Asking the appropriate employee to solve the problem
    Listening to the customer’s complaint to determine what to do
    Apologizing to the guest for making the mistake
    Following up with the guest to ensure satisfaction
  • Q4
    A guest complained that he or she reserved a room with a view of the ocean but got a room with a view of the courtyard. What is the best way for a hotel employee to compensate the guest in this situation?
    Ask housekeeping to clean the room
    Ignore the guest’s complaint
    Provide the guest with extra towels
    Offer to give the guest a discount
  • Q5
    Why is it important for hospitality and tourism businesses to monitor customer satisfaction levels with their services?
    To analyze productivity
    To encourage safety
    To generate publicity
    To remain competitive
  • Q6
    What do guests often do when they are very satisfied with a resort’s level of service?
    Encourage coworkers and friends to visit local attractions
    Recommend the resort to family and friends
    Make reservations for next year’s vacation with a competitor
    Tell others about their problems with the accommodations
  • Q7
    What do all hospitality employees need to possess to handle customers’ complaints effectively?
    Technical knowledge
    Brainstorming abilities
    Active listening skills
    Financial aptitude
  • Q8
    Why do hospitality employees need to be able to relate to different types of people?
    To maintain a positive attitude
    To achieve their personal goals
    To complete paperwork correctly
    To provide good customer service
  • Q9
    Paul, a hotel bellhop, carries Mrs. Peabody’s luggage and escorts her to a hotel room. What does this situation exemplify?
    A service encounter
    A guest inquiry
    A guest complaint
    A brand element
  • Q10
    Which is an expectation of all hospitality and tourism customers?
    To obtain adequate sleeping accommodations
    To pay the minimal amount for goods and services
    To be treated with respect by employees
    To achieve self–actualization needs
  • Q11
    What must hospitality and tourism businesses be willing to do to build ongoing relationships with their clientele?
    Pay attention to competitors’ activities
    Follow-up with their customers
    Overlook their customers’ questions
    Distribute training videos to employees
  • Q12
    Which type of customer need is a lodging facility fulfilling by using a secure electronic room key system throughout the facility?
  • Q13
    What do many travel agencies use to find out if clients were satisfied with the service they received from the agency as well as with the vacation package that they purchased?
    Comment cards
    Sales records
    Booking slips
    Tour reports
  • Q14
    A restaurant guest receives an incorrect food order. What should the server do to resolve the complaint?
    Apologize for the mistake and correct the food order
    Go to the kitchen and tell the chef that he or she made a mistake
    Ask the guest if he or she would be willing to keep the meal
    Have the manager talk with the guest about the problem
  • Q15
    What is a primary characteristic of quality service in the hospitality industry?
    Ensures a business’s financial success
    Satisfies employees’ basic needs
    Provides guests with entertainment
    Exceeds customers’ expectations

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