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Human Relationships

Quiz by Chris Dean

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  • Q1
    According to Genesis 2, what was Eve created out of?
    Adam's rib
    the dust of the ground
  • Q2
    Why doesn't the Roman Catholic Church allow women priests?
    Jesus treated women as equals
    St Paul said "You are all one in Christ Jesus."
    Jesus only chose male disciples
    God created Eve to be Adam's "helper."
  • Q3
    In Genesis 1 it says that God created man ....
    in his own image
  • Q4
    In the New Testament, St Paul wrote "There is no male nor female...
    for you are all one in Christ Jesus
    there are only Christians and non-Christians
    in the eyes of God
    because you are all made by the same God
  • Q5
    Which of these is NOT a correct reason why marriage is important to Christians
    it is a part of God's plan for humanity
    it is one of the Ten Commandments to get married
    it is the best environment for brining up children
    it is a gift from God
  • Q6
    In a Christian marriage ceremony, what does the exchange of rings represent?
    that marriage is a sacrament
    Jesus's words from the Bible
    God's plan for creation
    unending love
  • Q7
    Which Christians support gay marriage and civil partnerships?
    Roman Catholics
  • Q8
    The Roman Catholic church see re-marriage as a form of ...
  • Q9
    What word means a 'declaration that the marriage was never a proper marriage in the eyes of the church'?
  • Q10
    What word means when a married person has sex with someone who is not their husband or wife?
  • Q11
    According to the Bible, your body is a
    church of the Lord
    temple of the Holy Spirit
    house of lust
    prison for the soul
  • Q12
    The seventh commandment (of the Ten Commandments) is "You shall not
    bear false witness
    commit adultery
  • Q13
    Which form of contraception is allowed by the Roman Catholic Church?
    the pill
    rhythm method
    the coil

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