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Hurricanes Quiz

Quiz by Kara McGarvey

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  • Q1
    In what area of the world do hurricanes form?
    lakes and ponds
    polar ocean waters
    warm ocean waters
    only along the U.S. coastlines
  • Q2
    Which is NOT critical for the formation of a hurricane?
    circulation of winds
    warm ocean water
    area of high pressure
    lower latitudes
  • Q3
    Where does a hurricane get its energy?
    from high air pressure
    from the heating of the beaches
    from winds along the oceans surface
    from warm ocean water
  • Q4
    What area of a hurricane has the calmest winds?
    storm surge
    the eye
    the upper elevations
    the outermost ring
  • Q5
    The Coriolis Effect is a force caused by
    Earth's tides
    Earth's seasons
    Earth's rotation
    Earth's spinning core
  • Q6
    Warm air rises because....
    it is less dense than cold air
    it has the same density as cold air
    it doesn't rise
    it is more dense than cold air
  • Q7
    Which situation would allow a hurricane to form?
    near poles, cold water, high pressure
    near poles, warm water, low pressure
    near equator, warm water, low pressure
    near equator, warm water, high pressure
  • Q8
    Which news headline would most likely occur during hurricane season?
    "Storm Surge, a major concern for New Orleans, Louisiana"
    "Flooding from Hurricane, a high possibility for Moscow, Russia"
    "Unusually cold ocean water has hurricane watchers nervous"
    "Canada braces for strong hurricane season"
  • Q9
    What is true of a hurricane that travels into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico?
    it will likely get stronger
    it will become for erratic and disorganized
    it will likely get weaker
    it will get stronger when it hits the land
  • Q10
    Why do hurricanes not form directly on the equator?
    The Coriolis force needed to spin the hurricane is too weak
    it is too hot at the equator
    there is not enough wind at the equator
    there is too much land along the equator
  • Q11
    What usually causes the most damage from a hurricane?
    the Wind
    the Storm Surge
    Electricity Outages
  • Q12
    What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?
    There is no difference besides the part of the world in which they are found.
    Hurricanes are larger
    Typhoons have greater wind speed
    Hurricanes are near the equator and typhoons are near the poles
  • Q13
    Which of the following is not likely a hurricane name?
  • Q14
    Based on the map, which area probably produced the most violent storm system?
    Question Image
    area 4
    area 3
    area 2
    area 1
  • Q15
    Based on the map, which one of the following areas would probably not experience many hurricanes?
    Question Image
    the Northern part of Australia
    the Islands of the South Pacific
    the east coast of the United States
    the east coast of South America

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