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I Dissent- Ruth Bader Makes Her Mark

Quiz by Joanne Allen

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which synonym could you use to replace dissent?
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  • Q2
    When Ruth was a girl, boys were expected to do big things while girls were expected to
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    go to college.
    find a husband.
    do great things too.
    become a lawyer.
  • Q3
    When Ruth was a girl, she went to the library to read about
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    men who stayed home to cook the meals.
    men who stayed at home to raise the children.
    famous men in the supreme court.
    women who did great things.
  • Q4
    One of the earliest protests Ruth made was
    Question Image
    refusing to clean up her desk.
    refusing to go into school with boys.
    refusing to write with her right hand because she was left-handed.
    refusing to stand on the bus.
  • Q5
    Ruth did very well in high school. She was chosen
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    to play her cello with the VT Symphony orchestra.
    to stand up for women's rights in her class.
    to lead the graduation ceremony.
    to make a speech at the graduation ceremony.
  • Q6
    After graduation, Ruth
    Question Image
    decided to go out and find a husband instead of going to college.
    attended college because that was what her mother wanted her to do.
    got married and had a baby.
    decided to fight for the Jewish people, the Mexicans, and others who were prejudiced against.
  • Q7
    In Ruth's law school, there were
    Question Image
    more women than men.
    9 women and 500 men.
    as many women as men.
    no other women.
  • Q8
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg went to court to fight for
    Question Image
    the other students in her high school class.
    equal treatment of women.
    animal abuse.
    her parents.
  • Q9
    Ruth became well known as a lawyer and
    Question Image
    decided it was not what she wanted to do.
    the President chose her to be a judge in Washington DC.
    she made a lot of money.
    decided to become a teacher instead.
  • Q10
    Ruth was very convincing; one of Ruth's dissents was to explain
    Question Image
    that equal rights was not necessary.
    that the workplace should not be equal.
    that men should earn more than women for doing the same job.
    why the court was wrong to rule against women workers who were fighting to get paid the same as men.
  • Q11
    Even when Ruth disagreed with others, she
    Question Image
    was still able to have fun with her coworkers, or colleagues.
    still thought she wanted to be a teacher.
    was still treated equally.
    thought about quitting her job.
  • Q12
    Ruth Ginsburg is now
    Question Image
    living at the White House.
    the oldest member of the Supreme Court.
    a college student.
    a teacher at EES.

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