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I Tried 100 SEO Strategies, Here's What’s Working RIGHT NOW In 2024

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  • Q1
    Which of the following is the MOST important factor to consider when building a website for SEO?
    A website loading speed under 0.1 seconds
    Simple site architecture with readable content
    A high score on website grading tools like HFS or Ahrefs
    An expensive and complex design
  • Q2
    According to the video, how important is it to be an expert at technical SEO?
    You need to be a coding expert to do well in SEO.
    You can be average at technical SEO and still be successful.
    Spending a lot of time improving page speed is more important than technical SEO.
    A perfect score on technical SEO audits is essential.
  • Q3
    What is the recommended order for keyword research according to the video?
    There is no recommended order, research keywords for all stages at once.
    Top of the funnel -> Middle of the funnel -> Bottom of the funnel
    Bottom of the funnel (product pages) -> Middle of the funnel (buying decision keywords) -> Top of the funnel (general awareness keywords)
    The order does not matter, prioritize keywords by search volume only.
  • Q4
    How often should you publish new content according to the speaker?
    There is no one-size-fits-all answer, it depends on your niche and resources. The speaker recommends 4-8 blogs per month for e-commerce brands.
    You should only publish content when you have time.
    The more content you publish, the better, regardless of quality.
    It is better to publish a large amount of AI-generated content than high-quality content.
  • Q5
    What is the best way to structure your content according to the video?
    There is no need to organize content by clusters.
    Focus on creating content for the top of the funnel first.
    It is more important to publish a variety of content on different topics than to focus on clusters.
    Organize content by clusters (groups of related pages) and complete one cluster before moving to the next.
  • Q6
    When optimizing money pages (pages designed to convert visitors into customers), which of the following is NOT recommended by the speaker?
    Optimizing money pages before creating any blog content.
    Including the target keyword in the H1 title, meta title, meta description, URL slug, and image alt text.
    Spreading the target keyword throughout the content in an unnatural way.
    Including the target keyword a few times naturally throughout the content.
  • Q7
    What is the speaker's opinion on using AI-generated content for SEO?
    AI-generated content can be a good starting point, but it needs to be heavily edited to ensure high quality and avoid being flagged by search engines.
    AI-generated content is a perfect substitute for human-written content.
    There is no need to edit AI-generated content.
    Using AI-generated content will hurt your SEO.
  • Q8
    According to the speaker, which type of link building is generally the MOST valuable?
    Backlinks that are not relevant to your website's content
    Internal links
    There is no difference between the value of internal links and backlinks.
    Backlinks from low-quality websites
  • Q9
    What is the best way to build backlinks according to the speaker?
    Focus on broken link building and link exchanges.
    Pay for backlinks from high-quality websites ($100-$400 per link is a reasonable range).
    There is no way to build backlinks without getting penalized by search engines.
    Create low-quality content like infographics to attract backlinks.
  • Q10
    How many backlinks does the speaker recommend building per month?
    The speaker doesn't provide any information on how many backlinks to build per month.

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