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IB CS Revision

Quiz by Tim Miller

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Determining the order that tasks will be processed by the CPU...
    Process Management
    CPU Scheduling
    CPU Management
    Memory Scheduling
  • Q2
    A program in execution is known as...
    A Process
    A Command
    A Code
    An Instruction
  • Q3
    Keeping track of the state of each process is known as...
    File Management
    Fetch, Decode, Execute Management
    Process Scheduling
    Process Management
  • Q4
    Allocating memory to processes is known as...
    Memory Scheduling
    Process Filing
    Process Management
    Memory Management
  • Q5
    What are the two things stored in memory?
    Files & Programs (Processes)
    Processes & Programs
    Processes (Programs) & Data
    Files & Data
  • Q6
    What is the purpose of the Control Unit?
    Fetch & Decode Instructions
    Execute & Decode Instructions
    Find & Run Instructions
    Fetch & Execute Instructions
  • Q7
    Organising and allocating space on the the hard drive is known as...
    Memory Scheduling
    File Management
    Memory Mangement
    File Execution
  • Q8
    Managing peripheral devices is known as...
    Server Management
    Drive Management
    I/O Management
    Process Management
  • Q9
    Monitoring which users used which resources is known as...
    User Management
  • Q10
    Generating messages when their are faults or problems is known as...
    Error Reporting
    Mistake Handling
    Mistake Reporting
    Error Handling

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