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  • Q1

    What does OLE stand for? 

    Optimal Learning Environment

    Optional Learning Expertise

    Optimize Learning Engagement

    Organizer of Learning Experiences

  • Q2

    Which document creates a monthly visual of coaches activities? 

    Coaching Indicators

    Collaborative Assessment Log

    Post Observation Co-Analysis

    Coaching Log

  • Q3

    What is the name of the tool that helps assess a teacher's practice so that the coach can target support in response to authentic needs? 





  • Q4

    Which document  offers suggested ways to phrase questions to teachers? 

    The Optimal Learning Environment

    The Results Based Coaching Tool

    The Coaching Sentence Stem Placemat

    The Fall Assessment

  • Q5

    What is the name of our Goole Site as seen on the homepage?

    The ICN Lounge

    ICN Coaches

    The Coaches Lounge

    ICN Coaches Site

  • Q6

    Which of the following is NOT a domain on the OLE? 

    Implement equitable, culturally responsive and standards aligned curriculum and instruction 

    Engage teachers in active discussion of evidence using data as a lens for understanding. 

    Create emotionally, intellectually and physically safe environments

    Meet the diverse needs of every learner.

  • Q7

    Which of the following is NOT included in the Instructional Coaching Program Standards? 

    Instructional Standards

    Structural Standards

    Foundational Standards

    Transformational Standards

  • Q8

    Which document details the Instructional Coaching Program Standards? 

    The Continuum of Instructional Coaching Program Development

    Collaborative Assessment Log

    Optimal Learning Environment

  • Q9

    On the ICN Google Site homepage ( not the dropdown menu) under what heading can you look to find recordings of the forums? 

    Monthly Collaboratives

    ICN Event Calendar

    Continuous Learning

    ICN Professional Development


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