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Ideas and Content in Writing

Quiz by Cinco Delgado

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    In the simplest terms, this makes up the content of the writing. When it is strong, the overall message is clear, not garbled.
  • Q2
    Select an idea, narrow the idea, elaborate on the idea, discover the best information to convey the main idea.
    Developing Ideas
  • Q3
    So, often, though, student writers take the easy way out and summarize their ideas. For example, "The trip was fun."
    Mistake of Summarizing
  • Q4
    R.A.F.T.S. Role, Audience, Format, Topic, Strong verb
    Narrowing the Idea (Focus)
  • Q5
    Helps the writer decide on point of view and voice.
    R (Role of the Writer)
  • Q6
    Reminds the writer that he/she must communicate ideas to someone else; helps the writer determine content and style.
    A (Audience for The Piece of Writing)
  • Q7
    Helps the writer organize ideas and employ format conventions for letters, interviews, story problems, and other kinds of writing.
    F (Format of the material)
  • Q8
    The subject of the piece of writing--helps the writer to zero in on main ideas and narrow the focus of the writing.
    T (Topic)
  • Q9
    directs the writer to the writing purpose, for example to persuade, analyze, create, predict, compare, defend, or evaluate and this directs the "action" of the writing.
    S (Strong verbs)
  • Q10
    The roller coaster was scary.
    Telling Statement
  • Q11
    Oh my goodness the newest and most scariest roller coaster ever with its squeaky wood sides, and rusty wheels dangling on the edge of the track.
    Showing Statement
  • Q12
    A clear, specific position or point of view about a chosen topic in the text. This is explicitly stated.
    Thesis Statement/Claim
  • Q13
    A unifying idea that is a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work. The reader has to infer the main idea

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