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Identifying topic sentences

Quiz by Jen Wegis

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  • Q1
    What is a topic sentence?
    A sentence that concludes a paragraph.
    A sentence that introduces a new topic.
    A sentence that expresses the main idea of a paragraph.
    A sentence that lists examples.
  • Q2
    Where is the topic sentence usually found in a paragraph?
    At the beginning.
    In the middle.
    At the end.
    It can be anywhere in the paragraph.
  • Q3
    What is the purpose of a topic sentence?
    To introduce a new topic.
    To guide the reader in understanding the main idea of a paragraph.
    To conclude a paragraph.
    To provide additional information.
  • Q4
    What does a topic sentence do for the reader?
    Provides examples for the paragraph.
    Provides a summary of the paragraph.
    Provides a roadmap for understanding the paragraph.
    Provides a conclusion to the paragraph.
  • Q5
    What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement?
    There is no difference.
    A thesis statement is a question, while a topic sentence is a statement.
    A topic sentence expresses the main idea of a paragraph, while a thesis statement expresses the main idea of an entire essay.
    A thesis statement is always at the beginning of the essay, while a topic sentence is always at the end.
  • Q6
    What should a good topic sentence be?
    Long, complicated, and full of jargon.
    Clear, specific, and concise.
    Meandering, irrelevant, and off-topic.
    Ambiguous, vague, and uninformative.
  • Q7
    Why are topic sentences important?
    They help the reader understand and follow the writer's main idea.
    They make the writer sound smart.
    They are not important.
    They add unnecessary words to the paragraph.

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